Cumbria & South Tyne Leagues


Carlisle A took a further step towards retaining the Cumbria League Title with an impressive win against a strong Maryport side.

Stavros Karampatos Drew his game on board 1, while Mike Green, Steve Barnes and Paul Rivers all won their games.



Carlisle C drew with Keswick B

Mike Byrne won his game, Bill Burgess and Bill Hardwick both drew their games. Bill Henderson lost his game.



Carlisle B had an interesting match against SASRA.

Paul Rivers and Ian Mackay both drew their games.

John Lydon had a good position before making a bad mistake, and going on to lose.

Alan Hiatt offered his opponent a draw. His opponent refused the offer even though that would have won the match for SASRA. A couple of moves later Ryan (Alan’s opponent) offered a draw. This time Alan refused the offer and went on to win his game and secure a draw in the match.



Carlisle Friars drew their match against Corbridge Monarchs.

Mike Byrne and Dave Willey won against Derek Blair and Brucs Reed, while Alan Hiatt and James Ovens lost against Peter Crichton and Dave Humphries.



Carlisle B and C teams both travelled to Keswick to play Keswick’s A and B teams respectively.
Both matches produced some interesting games.

Carlisle B won 5 – 1, with Dave Siddall, Alan Hiatt and Bill Henderson all winning. James Ovens lost his game.

Carlisle C lost 4.5 – 1.5. Alan Little won his game, and Dave Willey drew his.
Bill Hardwick and John Lydon, both lost their games.



The Carlisle B team consisting of Dave Siddall, Kevon Southernwood, George Glover and Bill Henderson fought a hard drawn match against Keswick B. All four of the individual games were drawn.



Carlisle A go further ahead in the Cumbria Open League with a 6-0 win over Keswick B.

Stavros Karampatos, Mike Green, Paul Rivers and Alan Hiatt were the Carlisle team.



Carlisle C won 4.5 1.5 against SASRA.

Bill Henderson drew against James Taylor on board 1, John Lydon won against Fiona Wright on board 2, Bill Hardwick won against Ryan Cheung on board 3, Alan Little lost to George Nicholson on board 4.



Carlisle A beat Keswick A 4.5 – 1.5 to go top of the Cumbria Open League.

The  3 Penrith team occupy the following 3 positions.

Congratulations and well done to the A team for getting to 1st position.



Ian Mackay’s Whitaker Cup team reach the semi final with a strange game against Barrow.
The entire match was over in 45 minutes.
Dave Siddall lost against Mathew Mckenzie on board 1, Phil Walters had a walkover on board 2 as Dave Cole wasn’t able to attend. The handicap meant that Carlisle only needed a draw from one of the other games.
Ian playing on board 3 managed the draw against George Horne, Alan Little lost his game on board 4.
Congratulations, well done and good luck for the semi.