Cumbria & South Tyne Leagues


The Friars got their revenge on the Austins tonight.

Friars                                                Austins

Roy Ellames 0.5                             Dave Siddall o.5

Paul Rivers 1                                   Bill Burgess 0

Bill Henderson 0.5                        John Lydon 0.5

James Ovens 0.5                           Jack Majeski 1

Well done Friars.



The South Tyne League got under way with a local derby between the Austins and Friars.

Austins                                    Friars

George Glover 1                    Paul Rivers 0

Bill Burgess 1                        Dave Willey 0

John Lydon  1                      Alan Little 0



Carlisle Kings got their season going, but unfortunately it was a losing start against a strong Maryport team.

Ian Mackay drew on board 1, but Bill Burgess, Tom Bradford and Dave Willey lost their games.