Cumbria & South Tyne Leagues


Carlisle B drew with Penrith A.

George Glover and Ian Mackay drew their games on boards 1 & 2. Bill Burgess on board 3 lost with John Lydon winning on board 4.



Carlisle B won the Whitaker Cup.

Paul Rivers, George Glover and James Ovens being the victors.



In the Whitaker Cup Carlisle B won the semi final match against Carlisle A to reach the final.

Very best wishes fort the fiwon the Whitaker nal.



Carlisle B lost against Maryport B

Roy Ellames and John Lydon drew their games, while George Glover and James Ovens both had losses.



Carlisle B won against Penrith B 2.5-1.5.

Roy Ellames won his game, Ian Mackay drew his, John Lydon lost. James Ovens won his by default.



Carlisle Rooks lost their Whitaker Cup Semi Final against Penrith 1

Bill Burgess managed a very good draw against a very string opponent, but John Lydon, Bill Henderson and Alan Little all lost their games.



The Friars got their revenge on the Austins tonight.

Friars                                                Austins

Roy Ellames 0.5                             Dave Siddall o.5

Paul Rivers 1                                   Bill Burgess 0

Bill Henderson 0.5                        John Lydon 0.5

James Ovens 0.5                           Jack Majeski 1

Well done Friars.



The South Tyne League got under way with a local derby between the Austins and Friars.

Austins                                    Friars

George Glover 1                    Paul Rivers 0

Bill Burgess 1                        Dave Willey 0

John Lydon  1                      Alan Little 0



Carlisle Kings got their season going, but unfortunately it was a losing start against a strong Maryport team.

Ian Mackay drew on board 1, but Bill Burgess, Tom Bradford and Dave Willey lost their games.