Cumbria & South Tyne Leagues


The last match of the season in the South Tyne League ended in disappointment for the Austins.

A win or draw was needed for the league title, but the match ended in a narrow defeat.

Bill Hardwick won his game, but George Glover and Bill Burgess both lost theirs. That meant that John Lydon had to win, but he was only able to manage a draw.



***** Carlisle A win the Cumbria League again *****

The A Team were held to a draw by the B Team in a very tight and interesting match, the only time that the A Team haven’t won all season long.

Dave Siddall won for the B Team against Stavros Karampatos on board 1, Ian mackay and Steve Barnes drew their game on board 2 as did Phil Walters and John Kelly on board 3, Paul Rivers won against John Lydon on board 4 (Very interesting opening play in the last game).

Congratulations to Captain Paul Rivers and his A Team for the 3rd consecutive league title.

Dave Siddall and Stavros going over their game, then over to the pub for a celebration.




The Austins lost 3-1 against Haydon Bridge

George Glover, Bill Burgess and Bill Hardwick lost against Phil Walters, Ian MacKay and Dave Willey.

John Lydon won his game against Tom Bradford.



Carlisle A won against 2nd placed Barrow to extend their lead at the top of the Open League.

Stavros Karampatos and Paul Rivers won their game, while Robin Moss and Steve Barnes drew their games.



Carlisle C had a disappointing loss to Maryport.

Robin Moss won his game, Bill Henderson drew his.

Phil Walters lost, John Lydon appeared to have a won position, but his opponent found an extremely good move to turn the tables, and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for John and Carlisle C.



Carlisle 1 narrowly failed to reach the Whitaker Cup Final

The match against Barrow ended in a draw, but Barrow progressed on the handicap.

On Board 1 Robin Moss drew against Matthew MacKenzie, Board 2 Dave Siddall lost against George Horne, Board 3 Alan Hiatt drew with Alan Llewellyn, and Dave Willey won against Trevor Blower on Board 4.

At the same time Carlisle C beat Carlisle A 5-1 in the Open League.

Paul Rivers and Bill Henderson drew their games, while Bill Burgess and Ian Mackay won their games.



Carlisle B beat Carlisle C

Tom Bradford and Alan Hiatt winning their games against James Ovens and John Lydon.

Dave Siddall drew with Phil Walters, and Ian Mackay also drew with Bill Burgess.



The A team and C team both played today, with mixed fortunes.

The A Team pulled 5 points clear at the top of the league with and impressive 5 – 1 win over their closest rival Windermere. Robin Moss, Dave Siddall and Paul Rivers all winning against strong opposition, with Stavros Karampatos having a rare loss.

Well done A Team !!!

Not such a good result for the C Team, losing 5.5 to 0.5 against Penrith B.

Dave Willey’s draw being the half point.



Carlisle 1 had a tense and exciting win against Keswick to progress to the semi final of the Whitaker Cup.

The grading handicap meant the Carlisle had to win by at least 3.5 to 0.5.

Robin Moss on board 1 drew his game against Neil Maxwell, which meant that all 3 of the other Carlisle players had to win.

Dave Sidddall and Alan Hiatt on boards 2 and 3 were the next games to finish. Both of them won to leave the team captain John Lydon to play the deciding game on board 4.

John Lydon had a near lost position and had a lot of difficult defending to do, before getting the upper hand and winning the game with only 1 minute and 40 seconds left on his clock against Robert Helps  who still had 18 minutes left on his.

The 3.5 to 0.5 win minus the 2.5 handicap meant that Carlisle won 1.0 to 0.5 and they now progress to the semi final.



The Austins had a very narrow win against Haydon Bridge to continue their winning start to the new season.

George Glover, John Lydon and Bill Hardwick all Drew their games. Bill Burgess won his game to clinch the match.



Carlisle A went top of the Cumbria Open League with a 5 – 1 win against Penrith A.

Robin Moss and Dave Siddall both winning their games, Steve Barnes lost his game and board 4 was a walkover.

Well done A Team



Carlisle 3 lost against Ulverston in the Whitaker Cup

George Glover, Mike Byrne and Bill Henderson lost their game, Bill Hardwick won his.



Carlisle (Austins) got the South Tyne league under way with a good win against Corbridge (Monarchs).

George Glover drew his game on board 1, while Bill Burgess, John Lydon and Bill Hardwick all won their games on the other boards.



Carlisle 2 lost against Penrith 2 in the Whitaker Cup.

Phil Walters and Ian Mackay lost on boards 1 & 2, Bill Burgess won on board 3 and Alan Little drew his game on board 4.



The B Team had a good win against Keswick B, consisting of wins by Alan Hiatt and James Ovens, and drawn games by Ian Mackay and Dave Willey.



The A team continued their quest for a hat trick of title wins with a clean sweep against the C team, although it was closer than the result suggests.

Robin Moss, Stavros Karampatos, Steve Barnes and Paul Rivers all won against Mike Byrne, Bill Henderson, Bill Burgess and John Lydon respectively.



The C team suffered a heavy defeat away to Keswick A.

Dave Willey drew his game, Alan Hiatt and Alan Little lost theirs and a Board 4 was defaulted.



All 3 Carlisle teams were in Cumbria League action today.

The A team had a winning start to begin their defence of their crown.

They won a tight game against Keswick. Robin Moss, Stavros Karampatos and Bill Henderson all drew their games, and Captain Paul Rivers won his game to clinch the match.

The B team had a very bad result with Phil Walters, Alan Hiatt, Dave Willey and James Ovens all losing against Penrith A.

The C team also took a serious beating against Barrow with George Glover, Mike Byrne and Alan Little losing their games, while Bill Burgess drew his.



John Lydon’s Carlisle 1 team won the Whitaker Cup match against Penrith 1.

Dave Siddall on Board 1 drew against Dave McMath
Alan Hiatt on Board 2 lost against Eggert
John Lydon on Board 3 won against Andy McAtear
Dave Willey on Board 4 won against Gerry Rowan


Carlisle B got their season of to a great start win a 5.5 0.5 win against a strong Maryport side.

Dave Siddall, Phil Walters and Ian Mackay won on the top 3 boards against very good opponents.
Alan Hiatt drew his game.