Club Championship, K/O Cup, Rapid Play and News


A good turnout at the club tonight with 6 games being played, 3 in each competition.

Club Championship:

Alan Little 0 John Lydon 3

Alexandra Kirkbride 0 Dave Willey 3

Bill Burgess 0 Drew Millar 3

Drew Millar, Dave Willey and John Lydon are now the joint leaders with 6 points each.

Rapid Play:

Alan Little 0 Dave Willey 3

Bill Henderson 0 Alexandra Kirkbride 3

Bill Hardwick 3 Jack Majewski 0

Steve Barnes still leads the Rapid Play tournament.



In the Club Championship Dave Willey won against Mike Byrne.

In the Rapid Play Bill Henderson and Steve Barnes won against James Ovens and Alexandra Kirkbride respectively, while Alan Hiatt and John Lydon drew their game.



Three games were played tonight.

Club Championship:
Robin Moss won against John Lydon
Bill Burgess won against James Ovens
Rapid Play:
Drew Millar won against Jack Majewski.


In the Club Championship Drew Millar won against James Ovens.

In the Rapid Play John Lydon won against Jack Majewski, and Steve Barnes won against Bill Hardwick. The game between Steve and Bill was decided on time, Bill’s time expired while Steve had just 2 seconds left on his clock!!



The season continued with 1 Club Championship and 3 Rapid Play games.

In the Club Championship Mike Byrne won against Bill Hardwick, to join John Lydon as the early tournament leader.

In the Rapid Alexandra kirkbride won against James Ovens, Drew Millar won against James Ovens, and Steve Barnes won against Drew Millar. Steve now joins Bill Henderson as the tournament leader.



It was the 2nd evening of the new season with another Rapid Play game and a Club Championship game taking place.

The first Club Championship was a tough game between John Lydon and Mike Byrne, which John eventually managed to win and become the early tournament leader.

In the Rapid Play Steve Barnes won against Bill Henderson, but Bill still remains the leader in that tournament.



The new season is now up and running.

It was a quiet opening night with just 2 rapid play games being played. Bill Henderson won both of them against Bill Hardwick and Alan Little respectively, making Bill Henderson the early tournament leader.



Carlisle lost the annual Eden Cup to Penrith 5.5 – 3.5.

The match wasn’t decided until the final game. John Lydon’s game was the last to finish. John needed to win his game for the match to be drawn, but he wasn’t able to do so and ended up losing his game.