Club Championship, K/O Cup, Rapid Play and News


Two Club championship games played resulting in a draw between Dave Willey and George Glover, And a win for John Kelly against Bill Hardwick.

Also two games played in the Rapid Play.

Mike Byrne played in both, winning against James Ovens and losing against Alan Hiatt.

None of these games affected the leadership of either competition. Dave Siddall remains ahead of john Lydon in the Club Championship with Alan Hiatt 3rd. Steve Barnes remains 1st in the Rapid play ahead of Kevin Southernwood and 2nd and George Glover in 3rd.



Dave Siddall won his game against James Ovens to go 4 points clear at the top of the Club Championship. John Lydon remains in 2nd place. Alan Hiatt’s win over Alan Little puts him clear in 3rd place, 2 points behind John.

In the Rapid Play George Glover beat John Lydon to go 3rd behind Steve Barnes and Kevin Southernwood.



Two Knock Out Cup and two Club Championship games played tonight.

Bill Hardwick Became the first semi finalist in the Knock Out Cup, his game against Alan Hiatt ended in a draw so Bill goes through on the grading tie break. Dave Willey won his game against Tom Bradford to progress to the next round.

The two leading players in the Club Championship Dave Siddall and John Lydon both won their games againstĀ George GloverĀ and Mike Byrne respectively. Dave remains a point ahead of John.



Two games in the Club Championship and two more in the Rapid Play.

In the Club Championship, Drew’s recent good form continued with a win over Bill Hardwick to stop Bill going joint top with Dave Siddall. Mike Byrne and Tom Bradford had an interesting and complicated game that ended in a draw. Dave Siddall remains in 1st position with John Lydon in 2nd.

In the Rapid Play John Lydon and Alan Hiatt won their games against Bill Henderson and James Ovens respectively. Steve Barnes remains in 1st position, with Kevin Southernwood in 2nd.


Bill Hardwick and Ian Mackay have produced a list of Chess Congresses that one or both of them will be attending this year. Click on the link below to view the list and feel free to join them.