Club Championship, K/O Cup, Rapid Play and News


The season got properly under way tonight with several games being played in all 3 competitions.

In the Club Championship Ian McKay, Alan Hiatt and John Lydon won their games against Bill Hardwick, Bill Burgess and James Ovens respectively.

In the Rapid Play Drew Millar played and won 2 games against Mike Byrne and James Ovens.

In the Knock Out Cup (Still last season’s) Dave Siddall won against George Glover to reach the semi final.
Dave will play Bill Hardwick for a place in the final, where Dave Willey awaits the winner.



The new season sort of started tonight.
Sort of, because it was the first chess evening of the new season but no competitive games were played.
Dave Siddall and George Glover’s game was postponed until next week due to illness.
We also welcomed a new player (Robbie Moss) to the club.
Hopefully, there will be a bit more to report next week.



***** New Season about to start *****

The 1st club night of the 2018-2019 season with the AGM is on the 6th September.

There will be a 3 person team rapid play event at Eamont Bridge on Saturday 13th October.
This event is being held in memory of John Toothill.
More exacting details to follow when known.
Any people who wish to partake, please advise Bill Hardwick and he will act as co-ordinator.


Bill Hardwick and Ian Mackay have produced a list of Chess Congresses that one or both of them will be attending this year. Click on the link below to view the list and feel free to join them.